Panorama Mesdag | window display


VERVOLMAKEN designed and produced this spatial installation in the windows of department store de Bijenkorf in The Hague, commissioned by museum Panorama Mesdag.


To celebrate the Mesdag Year, in which the museum commemorates 100 years of cultural legacy of Hendrik Willem Mesdag, and to announce the festive re-opening of the museum after renovation.


VERVOLMAKEN translated the graphic visual identity of the Mesdag Year to a 3D spectacle. 


Niels van Hout created 18 panels with 238 selected and hand-painted objects to tell the story of Hendrik Willem Mesdag as artist, collector and entrepreneur.


Two fragments of the world famous ‘bigger than life’ Panorama Mesdag painting were used as a backdrop to create a layered 3D effect. The diversity and detailing of the objects on the panels attracts the public to take a closer look and register the museum’s re-opening and events.